Since more than 50 years Rabotvins is an important producer of aperitifs; some of the brands owned by the company have conquered a very good market share. Our long experience is a guarantee for a regular quality and a nice and suitable packaging.

Origins of the brand

Circa 1958.
The name Zuster Godelieve is inspired by the abbey of “Sinte Godelieve” at Gistel near Bruges, but has no other connection with it. The label used to have a religious connotation, but this disappeared through the years. The designation “bloedwijn” (blood wine) disappeared a long time ago because this is not recognised to indicate a type of wine. The official designation, recognized by the EU, is: “wine-based aperitif”. The name cinchona wine is also accepted. . This is the evolution of the label:

Features and composition

  • Preparation: wine-based aperitif, which means
    • The base is red wine with an alcohol content between 13% and 15%
    • Addition of extracts (for instance cinchona bark)
    • Addition of sugar to soften its taste
  • Features: thanks to a moderate alcohol content (13%), the presence of minerals, acids, and vitamins, GODELIEVE is an invigorating and pleasant drink.

Market sector

Popular aperitifs. Products with a comparable taste: Byrrh, St-Raphael, Mandarin, Ambassadeur.

Marketing assets

The brand is very well known by a large group of consumers. More than 50 years of presence on the Belgian market is the best guarantee for quality and continuity. Moreover, the product has a very attractive price tag.


  • All over Belgium
  • Supermarkets, hypermarkets, discounts, independent retailers

How to drink

Godelieve is drunk as an aperitif, it is served pure, cool, but not ice-cold. It can also be used to prepare cocktails.